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Smartphone built by HTC. The HTC Dream (or rather the T-Mobile G1 in the United States, and as the EPE Ultra in some parts of Europe and the United Kingdom) is a stylish smartphone designed by HTC Corporation. It comes with a variety of features to cater for different needs of its users. For instance, there is the HTC Desire WXperia Series that is specifically made to cater to the corporate market. The same goes with the EPE series, which is targeted to the high end consumers who like a lot of things done at the speed of light.

The HTC Dream is not only efficient to use but also stylish to look at. It has a whole range of looks that will surely amaze you, and they all run on the Windows interface. This means that one single application can run on this phone. Moreover, it is also capable of connecting to MMS, Bluetooth and USB devices.

The HTC Dream runs on a dual-core 1 GHz processor. The dual core processor enables the phone to utilize the CPU for tasks other than running applications. It also promises to give the same performance level whether you are using a regular web browser or using a specific app. In addition, it also has an Adreno architecture that promises to make the user’s browsing experience more fluid and fast. The phone also features a 5 mega pixel camera with two optical zoom and one digital zoom.

This phone also has the Quick Panel which acts as a file manager and allows users to browse the contents of the PC or the USB. It also supports a unique media player that will allow the playback of music and videos from the internet and other digital media like DVDs. The HTC Dream runs on Windows CE and is available in various colors such as silver, black, blue and pink. The only model of this kind that is available in the US is the black color.

The HTC Dream is not cheap as it costs $200 for the basic version and the Dream+ edition is priced at $250. The touch screen is also not something that can be overlooked. Even those who use the touch screen for a long time stand by its praise. The text on the screen is perfectly clear and there is no lag time when the user types.

It is compact and comes with two SIM cards so that you can have a mobile phone and a laptop. The keyboard dock is also provided for the sole purpose of docking your phone when you want to use it without the keyboard. It comes with a Windows operating system, but you can expect to see other OS being offered by the company as additional accessories. The HTC Dream is the dream phone for anyone who has a need for a sophisticated mobile.

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