Art School Reactions to the HTC Vive

HTC’s new virtual reality platform HTC Vive gives artists the chance to take their imagination to the next level. The HTC Vive allows users to explore virtual spaces in new ways, as users are given access to a surround sound system, a large screen and the ability to connect with other headsets. HTC Vive allows users to become virtually immersed in a world of their own making. The HTC Vive developer program allows aspiring artists to not only see their work through the eyes of a virtual reality viewer, but also to experience it first hand through an HTC environment that imitates a gallery setting.

HTC’s long standing relationship with the Royal Academy of Arts is founded on the idea that art should be accessible to everyone, for everyone, and that this can only happen if there is a continuous investment in the arts by the population. Artistic endeavour is something that many people wish to do but few are able to afford the space, the equipment and the time it takes to make a regular event happen. The HTC Vive represents a perfect opportunity to create a far live application that bridges the gap between wishing and actually making a difference in an artist’s life. HTC’s VR platform allows art students to explore their ideas in virtual reality. HTC’s goal is to create a platform for creativity that makes the dream a reality for those who are interested, capable and passionate about art.

HTC’s chief marketing officer, Chris Scott, says that the HTC Vive will allow seniors stuck in their homes to have an experience that lets them get up off the sofa to be part of a digital universe. “No longer will seniors stay glued to the television when they could be doing more,” said Scott. “HTC’s innovative virtual reality platform will enable seniors to escape the stale feeling of their living rooms and put themselves in a place where they feel at ease.”

London is not the only location where HTC’s VR solutions will be seen. Senior citizens in the United Kingdom, and across Europe and Asia will also have access to the HTC Vive. The company plans to take the technology to as many locations as possible and is targeting markets including corporate training, business meetings and conferences, as well as art exhibits and design shows. vray is currently being used by some of London’s most prominent museums as a way of educating the public and making virtual reality experiences possible.

Adham Farah, creative director at London based ad agency Cipactel, believes that the HTC Vive will help break down the mental barriers that exist between trainees and their potential employers. “VR headsets such as the HTC Vive will allow companies to put their brand images on the faces of their trainees as they are presented with real life models,” said Farah. “VR is about transforming the user’s mental model of themselves into a virtual representation of their brand.” Virtual reality solutions are the wave of the future, and one that HTC is looking to capitalise on.

For HTC, the biggest advantage to using VR technology is the ability it has to make long term investments in its clients’ intellectual property. HTC has invested in studios in New York and Los Angeles where it continues to create cutting edge digital design solutions. If you ask HTC what is it about virtual reality and digital signage that makes it so appealing to the art world? The answer, according to HTC, is simple: the ability for virtual objects to elicit emotional responses. HTC believes that art school students and other professionals will find that there is no better way of learning visually than by experiencing an original creation in front of them. A virtual reality platform such as the HTC Vive is designed to make that experience possible for the first time.

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What Are the Main Features of the HTC Dream?

Smartphone built by HTC. The HTC Dream (or rather the T-Mobile G1 in the United States, and as the EPE Ultra in some parts of Europe and the United Kingdom) is a stylish smartphone designed by HTC Corporation. It comes with a variety of features to cater for different needs of its users. For instance, there is the HTC Desire WXperia Series that is specifically made to cater to the corporate market. The same goes with the EPE series, which is targeted to the high end consumers who like a lot of things done at the speed of light.

The HTC Dream is not only efficient to use but also stylish to look at. It has a whole range of looks that will surely amaze you, and they all run on the Windows interface. This means that one single application can run on this phone. Moreover, it is also capable of connecting to MMS, Bluetooth and USB devices.

The HTC Dream runs on a dual-core 1 GHz processor. The dual core processor enables the phone to utilize the CPU for tasks other than running applications. It also promises to give the same performance level whether you are using a regular web browser or using a specific app. In addition, it also has an Adreno architecture that promises to make the user’s browsing experience more fluid and fast. The phone also features a 5 mega pixel camera with two optical zoom and one digital zoom.

This phone also has the Quick Panel which acts as a file manager and allows users to browse the contents of the PC or the USB. It also supports a unique media player that will allow the playback of music and videos from the internet and other digital media like DVDs. The HTC Dream runs on Windows CE and is available in various colors such as silver, black, blue and pink. The only model of this kind that is available in the US is the black color.

The HTC Dream is not cheap as it costs $200 for the basic version and the Dream+ edition is priced at $250. The touch screen is also not something that can be overlooked. Even those who use the touch screen for a long time stand by its praise. The text on the screen is perfectly clear and there is no lag time when the user types.

It is compact and comes with two SIM cards so that you can have a mobile phone and a laptop. The keyboard dock is also provided for the sole purpose of docking your phone when you want to use it without the keyboard. It comes with a Windows operating system, but you can expect to see other OS being offered by the company as additional accessories. The HTC Dream is the dream phone for anyone who has a need for a sophisticated mobile.

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HTC Windows Mobile Smartphones

HTC Corporation is a Taiwanese based consumer electronics business headquartered in Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan; its headquarters was moved to Taiwan in 2001. HTC Corporation started out as an electronic design company and then later became an original equipment manufacturer and designer, developing and manufacturing handheld computers. These computers were equipped with superior technology that made them more advance compared to other competitor brands. They have been successful in catering to the needs of various users that come to them for their demands.

In recent years, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry Association (TSMI) has acknowledged HTC as one of the world’s top five industrial companies because of its continued rise in sales of high tech computer devices in spite of the increasing global competition. HTC has consistently sold more than ten million units of smartphones and mobile devices. This has made the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturer the fastest growing smartphone vendor in the entire world. With this astounding success, many organizations have invested in acquiring HTC Technologies including LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola Mobility.

The mobile smartphone market of the world has been completely revolutionized due to the introduction of HTC smartphones in the market. These smartphones have incorporated the high tech computer technology and added amazing features to make mobile communication easy. It has been a great achievement of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry Association that HTC smartphones have become one of the leading brands in the whole world. In the year 2009 alone, HTC achieved the incredible performance of 21 percent increase in its revenues. In this season, the corporation will release another high-tech smartphone called the HTC Desire.

Another exciting product of HTC Corporation that will be introduced soon is the HTC Explorer. This device will consist of a browser and a GPS navigator. The HTC Explorer will also have the functionality of an email client and a contact manager. If you purchase this smartphone, you can expect that it will run on the high tech computer system of the HTC mobiles and will provide the best browsing experience. You can also look forward to enjoying the superb multimedia features of the android mobile operating system.

The HTC Windows Mobile Smartphone has a huge competition coming from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, and Motorola Mobility. However, if you are a Taiwan resident, you can also look forward to possessing this high tech computer corporation’s version of android mobile operating system. This company is also gearing up to manufacture other HTC products such as tablets and different versions of its smartphones. If you are looking to purchase a HTC Windows Mobile Smartphone, you need not worry about the cost as the company is offering attractive offers for its Windows Mobile phones. Therefore, grab your handset from any of the authorized HTC distributors and get ready to explore the amazing virtual world.

At HTC, you can experience all the latest features available with your Windows smart phones. Apart from its stunning looks and advanced applications, you will also find several innovative features in its full form. With its Windows Mobile phone, you can surf the internet and send emails at the same time. You can even download a full version of Skype and use it to chat with your friends. Thus, with this high tech computer corporation, you will never be left behind as it continuously strives to impress its customers and peers in the global market.

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