All participants of the HTCC4 (including the accompanying persons) must register. Whether you are applying to participate as a student or as a lecturer, accompanying person or partner representative, please complete the Registration form, after you have carefully read all the information provided at this page.

If you intend to apply for bursary, please prepare all the documents before proceeding to the registration (for details go to bursary tab).

STEP 1: Complete the online registration form

Access the Registration form. Please enter all information as requested in Registration form carefully. If you are not applying for the bursary, simply ignore the documents upload fields. If you do, please do upload all required PDFs. An automated email will follow with the instructions on the registration fee payment and summary of the entered data.

NOTE: If you are applying for the bursary, take a break now and wait for the announcement of the bursary committee before proceeding to the following step.

STEP 2: Payment of the registration fee for HTCC4

Please pay the appropriate registration fee, taking into account your status, deadlines and results of possible bursary application. Please take a look of the registration fees and payment methods at the tab Registration fee info, as well as of the important dates (the right side bar).

STEP 3: Confirmation

Your registration for the HTCC4 will be finally confirmed in an e-mail message after your registration fee has been received. You will also receive an additional e-mail guiding you through the accommodation booking in our partner hotel.

I have read and understood the above, and I am ready to register for the HTCC4 by clicking the button below.