Bursaries application is closed!

You are a PhD student or postdoc and you would like to apply for a bursary which would help you attend the HTCC4? Brilliant! The Organizing Committee will provide a limited number of bursaries which cover partly or entirely your onsite subsistence expenses and registration fee.


​Verify your eligibility:

  1. You must be a PhD student or postdoc employed by a public university or research institution

  2. You must not be over 35 years of age

Prepare three documents in PDF:

  1. Your CV (including the list of your top 5 publications, by your choice)

  2. Motivation letter (Keep it short and sweet. Tell us how will you benefit from the HTCC4, and why do you need a financial support.)

  3. Your supervisor’s recommendation letter.

Verify the deadlines:

  1. Register and submit the required documents no later than Apr. 1st 2019

  2. We shall let you know our decision no later than Apr. 8th 2019

  3. Make sure you finalize the registration procedure (from Step 2 onwards) by Jul. 1st, 2019

Complete the form thoroughly and make sure you upload all three PDF’s quoted above. Good luck to everyone. We are very much looking forward to seeing you in Dubrovnik.